Why store a car? Going on a long vacation, serving overseas, waiting to sell, a student going to college, a classic or restored car that’s too valuable and precious to leave without security and protection; protect it with us in our climate controlled secure units. You have the only key and a Resident Manager monitors your belongings every day, all day, 365 days a year. You have access anytime as well for that surprise visit, successful sell, or when you’re just ready to show it off that classic car. Keep it safe from damage, vandalism, theft, weather and temperature in our completely fenced, guarded facility. No one will get to your car or vehicle without you.

Not everyone gets to take their motorcycle or ATV out every day – as much as they might like to – but that’s no reason not to protect it like it’s your primary vehicle. Between trips, outings, vacations and rides store your motorcycle or ATV safely with Secure Climate Storage in our fenced, lit, monitored facility. Our carefully climate controlled units ensure that wind, rain, weather and temperature will not take a toll on your engine or even your paint finish. And with access 24/7, all year long, you never worry that your ride won’t be there when you’re ready to take it out for a spin. Enjoy life without worrying – we protect your recreational vehicles from theft, damage, weather – any threat you can imagine, we keep it safe.

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